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Free confidential legal advice if you feel that you have been discriminated against, harassed, or faced violence because you are Muslim or are perceived to be Muslim.

What is Islamophobia

Have you been treated differently and badly because you are Muslim or perceived to be Muslim?

Islamophobia can be experienced in many different ways. These are just some examples:

• Harassment • Violence
• Profiling • Discrimination
• Exclusion • Refusal of service
• Property destruction • Threats
• Bullying

If you have experienced or witnessed Islamophobia, call our number for help and information.


We are a group of lawyers and legal organizations in Vancouver who have come together to provide our support to Muslims or those perceived to be Muslims in BC who have been or could be the subject of discrimination and attacks. We want those who have suffered from these various forms of discrimination because of their faith and/or racial background to know that there are lawyers in BC who are committed to assisting with the difficult task of holding those who commit such acts to account by our legal institutions.

Access Probono has set up a hotline where people can call on a confidential basis to speak to a lawyer about possible discrimination claims or hate crimes for no charge. We will also be documenting, without identifying information, the types of issues that are being reported through this hotline.

Supporting Organizations


  • Victim Support Services
  • Free & Sliding Scale Counseling
  • Community Based Victim Services
  • Multilingual Legal Resources

If you are a victim of a hate crime, or have witnessed a hate crime, help is available through victim services and other resources.

Oak Counselling 604-266-5611

Adler Centre 604-742-1818

Scarfe Counselling 604-827-1523

UBC Psychology Clinic 604-822-3005

New Westminster UBC Counselling Centre 604-525-6651

SFU Counselling Clinics 604-587-7320 (Surrey) 778-782-4720 (Burnaby)

SUCCESS (multilingual) 604-408-7266

Qmunity (LGBTQ) 604-684-5307

Media Inquiries

Hasan Alam – 778 995 6786
Krisha Dhaliwal – 604 681 9887
Peter Edelmann – 604 626 9454
Sarah Khan – 604 687 3063
Zool Suleman – 604 685 8472